We made it to Ko Phi Phi Don, finally.

This place is absolute paradise. Honestly, I’ve never experienced a place that was “breath taking” before, but honestly, that was how I felt when we jumped out of the boat into the shallow water and walked onto the beach. I’m not sure that I have the language to really describe how I felt, but in its simplest form, it is simply unbelievable.

Our room is a small standalone structure in village of other similar spaces. We have our own private outdoor space. It is amazing.

The beach is great, and the water is warm and so clear. It is really unbelievable that we’re actually here.

The resort itself is on the north eastern edge of the island. As there are no cars allowed here, the only way into town proper is by long boat. We’ll be going there today to see what the rest of the island is like and we have an all day tour of this and the surrounding islands coming on Tuesday.

So far, this is an absolute highlight of an already amazing trip. Can’t wait to see more.