Our Wedding: The Plan

Unlike the traditional wedding, we have opted to do things a little differently. While sitting down and thinking about what our perfect wedding would be, we came to the decision that no wedding is the best wedding. Well, not exactly no wedding. More like, we’re eloping to Thailand!

So here’s the plan.

First we’re jetting off to Southeast Asia for 3 weeks. We land in Bangkok, Thailand, where we’ll recuperate from our long flight, acclimate for a night and immediately hop on another plane for Yangon, Myanmar. We’ll spend the next 3 days there, traveling around to the surrounding areas, to see and experience as much of this once forbidden land as we possibly can.  After which, we’ll fly back into Thailand, this time into Phuket for a late night landing, and a quick stay in a local hotel, we’re then off on a boat for our first big part of the trip, Ko Phi Phi Don. 

If you don’t know already, Ko Phi Phi Don is an island in the Andaman Sea. It is the place that you will most often see, if looking at pictures of beaches in Thaland. You know, the ones with the big spire cliffs and emerald waters. This is where we’re getting married. Well, mostly married. I suppose more accurately, this is where we’re having a sunrise ceremony on the beach with monks. Yes, monks. We’ll exchange our rings. We’ll say a few words. And afterward, we’ll be mostly married. 

After a few more days in paradise, we’ll be off again. This time, we’ll take a boat to the other major province nearby, Krabi. We’ll spend a day and a night there, before hoping on yet another plane. This time, we’re off to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 

This part of the trip wasn’t originally going to happen. At first, this was simply supposed to be a 2-hour layover, on our way to Bali. However we decided, why not stay for a night and get another stamp on our passports. So, we changed the plan up a bit and now we’re going to Kuala Lumpur, home of the Petronas Towers. You know, the ones from that movie with those people? Its got that bridge between them and is really tall? Yeah, those towers. Anyway, while we’re there for only a day and night, the plan is to tour around a bit and maybe see the rain forests there.

Next is Bali. This is the last big part of our adventures in Southeastern Asia. For this we will jet south of the equator for a few days of resort living (thanks to some credit card point hacking). This part of the trip was cut a day short, due to an unfortunate accident with flight schedules, and Air Asia’s insistence that we pay more to change our tickets (10 minutes after booking them), than we did to get them in the first place. Here we’ll see some more amazing beaches, hike the island, and see a temple full of monkeys. Yes, monkeys!

After this, we fly to Singapore for a day, while we wait for our flight back to the United States. Instead of flying directly back to New York, we’ll be flying into Houston. This is where we’re getting for real married, in front of a judge. We’ll then spend the rest of the weekend with our combined immediate families, at a beach house that we’re renting in Galveston. 

Overall, it promises to be quite the amazing journey and we’re very excited for it to start.

To those of you who may have wondered what was going on

We’re both very sorry for being less than communicative about our plans. From the beginning our big goal was to keep our wedding fairly private, as neither of us is a big fan of being the center of attention. While we’re mostly eloping to Thailand, we did opt to spend a couple days with family near the end, in order to celebrate with them. Though not in a traditional way.

We want to thank everyone for their love and support.

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