Hi hi, it’s me, your friend, Sea Gypsy. Not much to report on, but we realized that we didn’t write a post relaying yesterday’s events. The ENTIRE day was dedicated to traveling, so not much COOL AND EXITING NEWS. Though, there were moments when I almost unleashed the beast on a few unsuspecting joes, but lemme get there.

We were informed by the lovely folks at Zeavola that the speedboat we’d booked back to Phuket would not be coming to pick us up after all, as the sea was too rough. My first reaction was “No! No! Unaceptable!” (only to Drew), but it helps to be reminded of all the rough rides on the rickety boat we’d experienced prior. This means we’d have to take the ferry. Before you feel too sorry for the pitiful travelers, the ferry was leaving at 7:00, and breakfast starts at 6:30!

I need to mention, I was under a heightened state of anxiety and stress, which, let me tell you, is HARD to do in paradise, but this is my specialty! You see, we still had not received the wedding pictures, and we were LEAVING THE COUNTRY in a few hours. Our highly reputable “wedding planner” I referenced in a previous post, would not return my countless emails. but, when he finally did, it was to tell me he had just returned from Phi Phi Island, which is where we were staying. Almost like, haha, I could’ve just dropped them off for you, but didn’t! So, begrudgingly, we decided to meet him at Burger King in the Phuket airport before our flight to KL. Shady, right?!

We took another ROUGH ferry ride that lasted about four hours (this time on a real boat with an upper deck and all). We did make a stop in godforsaken Phi Phi Town, but didn’t have to get off the boat. Drew did some napping and reading; Lauren did some podcasting and involuntary sun deck surfing. When I joined my husband (!) in the measly lower deck, my hair was everywhere, my face terror-stricken, and clothes soaking wet! The upper deck was like a water ride I didn’t get in line for. 

We made it to Rassada Pier, all limbs intact. Things went smoothly, and we managed an easy and cheap ride to the Phuket airport, where we were meeting Wedding Planner in an hour. Two hours later, I am plotting the man’s murder, and trying to figure out how to get money back on PayPal for a service that was not delivered. The man was not returning my emails, nor Drew’s INTERNATIONAL phone call. Just when I was about to commit myself to a lifetime in a Thai prison, a breathless and dishevelled looking young fella rushed over to us, murmuring “Sorry, sorry!” and bowing profusely (as is custom–one time–in Thailand). He basically tossed the album at us, and dashed out. Never saw the guy before, will never see him again, but, why ask questions, right? The album had some nice photos included in it, some downright comical ones, and one with me and my notorious scowl. What there is to scowl about on your wedding day on a private beach in Thailand, I’m not so sure. Anyway, whatev. Happy ending, and happy story AFTER THE FACT. Adventures can be both good and bad, and in a foreign country with language barriers, they’re pretty much guaranteed. 

Stay tuned for a Kuala Lumpur update from DA MASTA BLOGGA Drew. Also, wedding pics aplenty!

Sea Gypsy’s gotta find a new moniker…